Beware! New speed limit on French roads

Monday, January 15, 2018
limite de vitesse 80km/h en France
On 1st July, a new speed limit will apply on French « départementale » and « nationale » roads, located outside of city centres and without physical barrier between lanes. In the past, the maximum speed was limited to 90 km/h in normal conditions, and 80 km/h during precipitation. This summer, the 80 km/h limit will apply regardless of weather conditions. Other speed limits will remain unchanged : in the city centre, the limit is 50 km/h (with exception of certain zones), national and department roads with a physical barrier between upcoming lanes have keep their speed limit of 110 km/h (sun) and 100 km/h (rain), and “autoroutes” maintain their 130 km/h (sun) and 110 km/h (rain) limits. However, when visibility is below 50 meters, a universal speed limit o f 50 km/h applies on all roads.